You are here because you’re going through a transition that has been set in motion for eons. It’s time for the next step on your journey.

Mary Catherine’s own journey has taught her that if we learn to listen to the nudges of spirit self, real magic begins to happen. She has the capacity to guide you to connect you your OWN Inner Guidance.

Mary Catherine facilitates WOMEN to remember their BEINGNESS. She is a Light Language KeyCode Activator and Decoder.

When you work with Mary Catherine you will be clearing ancestral & karmic energies, decoding contracts, vows, implants, & dense energies not serving your highest purpose. These are all the ‘inner battles’ energies, judgements, energies keeping you stuck in loops and programs.

She facilitates a space for you to  restore your power and align your choices with your true authentic self, MAGIC, VISION and desires. She assists you to tune into your Inner knowing so that you can access the wisdom you need to master your body, mind and spirit.

She facilitates a journey that is holistic in nature and intuitive based using unique gifts and abilities as a deep listener of the soul, certified energy reader (REIKI, GEO, RISING STAR, SOUL READER, QUANTUM LIGHT), & certified Coach in many modalities (ILYM, AUTHENTIC LIVING, EH METHOD, with Somatic & PolyVagal techniques).

Additionally, her Clients book her to experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis. In these sessions, many clients get to experience their own guides, councils, life purpose, healings, past lives, future lives & more that assist them in taking their next steps forward towards manifesting their VISIONS, using their own MAGIC and creating their Ultimate life.

Mary hosts many workshops and among the most popular are her LIGHT LANGUAGE Workshops where she activates and teaches the language of light in many forms (dance, Art, speaking, singing). Her clients have shared that these are transformative experiences especially around clearing their blocks with being seen, heard and stepping into their inner power.

You do not have to walk this Journey alone – the next step is to contact Mary Catherine below and listen to the whisper of spirit.

Find Mary Catherine on clubhouse weekly for free coaching and energy healing in co creation with other intuitive coaches. Follow her on @marycatherinemc for weekly clubhouse sessions each Thursday at 11am CET / 10am GMT.

Quantum Expansion – Access your Inner Magic – With Mary-Catherine
Email: marymcnena@gmail.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/marycatherinecoach/ Go to YOUTUBE for free content and meditations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXzkrJv5cJTD9ZAzAR4CKg

Note: All sessions can be undertaken online or in person. I offer workshops, programmes & Group/ one-to-one online BeSpoke & Intuitive coaching sessions/Containers via Zoom or video call or on facebook for my group containers. Working online allows me to coach clients across many different time zones. Most importantly it allows you to be coached where you feel most at ease, whether that’s in your office, on your couch, or on the road. Locations for in person sessions will need to be scheduled in advance for either Paris, France, Girona, Spain or Cork, Ireland or any other destinations.

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