About me

πŸ₯°Hi Sweet Souls!  πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ₯°πŸŒˆ

πŸ’–Hello beautiful soulsπŸ’–

I use my deep soul listening, intuition, gifts & coaching skills to help guide my clients into more alignment in their relationships (with themselves & others), their career, love life & life purpose. I really love guiding my clients to access their Inner Magic.

I became a certified Coach in the ground breaking ‘I Love You, Me’ method, & a certified ‘Soul Reader’ with Tara Love Perry. I also became a certified ‘Love & Authenticity’ Coach with Mandy Morris founder of ‘Authentic Living’.

I work as a QUANTUM Energy Facilitator/Clair Conduit, an Activator and Decoder and this is integrated into my workshops coaching packages.

I am a practitioner of ‘Rising Star’, Reiki, & GEO. I provide Past Life Regression facilitation, Future Life Progression and I am a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner. My toolbox contains practical tips, intuitive guidance and psychological and physiological tools to help you discover your authentic & abundant self and guide you to tune into your deepest truths. As I have access to all the Clairs I use these gifts to facilitate and guide each Woman I work with.

I am a Key Code Activator with the ability to traverse timelines. I use these gifts to help facilitate as a conduit the activation of my clients gifts / abilities and next level blueprints so that they awaken to the TRUE nature of ALL that they BE.

So many of my beautiful Women Clients report activation of their abilities and gifts, deep womb healing, re-birth and an awakening of their divine feminine power through connection to their heart space, womb space and body in addition to the energy healing and self-love techniques experienced.

In addition, I facilitate BeSpoke mediations & visualisations, breathing techniques, and body connection to release your resistances to whatever is holding you back.

How Did I get into this sacred work you may ask?

I suppose Healing was always in the back of my mind from a very young age. However, I ignored that calling and ended up working in the Construction/Heavy Industry for over 10 years. Although I enjoyed the work, I always wondered, ‘Is this it?’

I wound up in the endless cycle of push push push, do do do. Eventually, one day, off work on sick leave and unable to physically get up, blacking out, fitting, convulsing, my body giving up.

I remember have this deep body & soul realisation: ‘Shit, I’m going to die’.

And folks, this is where the ‘woo woo’ comes in. A huge waft of wind came in the room and up the covers of my blankets stopping at my face, like angel wings. And a loud booming voice went off in my head.

It said: ‘You have a choice. You can choose to live or to die’.

In my mind I was Screaming, ‘I want to LIVE!’. ‘I want to live’ ‘I want to live’

In that moment everything changed. I had made a Transformational Choice.

Shortly after that, my intuitive gifts and abilities opened up. At first I thought, ‘Holy crap, now I’m losing my mind!’. I was receiving visions and information that made no logical sense. At the time it felt like a long journey of ups and downs, twists and turns but my heart has stayed true to that commitment.

I know that I am here as a VISIONARY. To live the life of my Dreams but to Also serve others so that they may do the same.

To hold Vision is MAGNETIC.

It is MAGIC and that is the energy I work with daily and I call forth in those that work with me.

We are not just here to be Dreamers but to EMBODY the Dream, the desire and step into the FREQUENCY OF VISIONARY – S/He that takes ALIGNED steps towards their soul essence and purpose. BEINGNESS.

The creation energy of ALL that IS.

It is at our fingertips to access and imbue.

Many of my clients are based all over the world and connect via online Zoom sessions or on the phone. My private coaching and energy exchange healing is also carried out 1:1 online, or in person in varied locations, Cork Ireland, and Paris, France.