‘I Love You, Me’ Self-Love Coaching

‘I Love you, Me’ Method uses 7 steps to transformational self love. This process allows you to Feel heard & learn to tap into your own intuitive knowing, discerning patterns of guilt, fears, anger, traumas, limiting belief systems such as I’m not good enough’, unworthiness, etc. It is a conversational technique that can re-balance your life by helping you to find the truth about who you are. It will enable you to come to a place of stillness, using the breath, softening in order to be able to process and discharge emotions you may be holding onto and transmute them through absolute love.

A must-read for all those on their journey towards Self-Love

‘I Love You, Me’ is a proven method developed over 15 years of professional practice by Founder Tara Love Perry, a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, Soul Reader, & Author of her book ‘I Love You, Me’.

‘I Love You, Me’ gives you space to speak to your ‘Little Me’.
👩‍👧Have you Connected to your inner child recently?👩‍👧

Not everyone realises how important connecting to our inner child is. We are taught to lock this child away, be obedient, and ‘fit in’, to know our place and stay there. Well, when we allow this to happen to us, we push our True & Authentic self, our inner child down into the darkness.

This Method has been shown to improve and transform all areas of your life, including but not limited to:
👉 Depression
👉Mental Struggles
👉Relationship Struggles 
👉Self- Sabotage patterns
👉Low – Energy
👉Money Issues
👉Addiction Issues


Some testimonies of the I Love You, Me sessions with me below:

Abi, Singer / Songwriter / Musician / Coach / Keynote Speaker

Abi, UK

Mary is an incredibly gifted healer and facilitator of transformation with an amazing warmth and unparalleled insight into what needs to happen for the highest good of her clients. Working with Mary is like being showered in golden sunshine. With such a gentle, loving approach, she works with you to delve into places that need your attention and helps you to bring so much love and truth there, creating miraculous energy shifts and changes within your being, and leaving you feeling SO divinely loved and held.

After working with Mary I started to have immediate transformation in my life in the areas we addressed. I thoroughly recommend Mary if you want to being abundance, love and miracles into your life!

🙏From Kati: 
”I’m eternally grateful to have met you, our sessions have been beyond empowering, the way you engage and listen, your empathy and unconditional love, along with your mind blowing abilities are a blessing to anyone who connects with you. You are truly gifted sister and I can’t wait for our next session. Thank you for everything, I love you xxx❤️”

🙏From Nicola: 
”I have had numerous therapies & healing sessions over the last 25 years & seen many therapists during that time – Mary is gentle, compassionate & a unique & gifted practitioner, very few people can hold such a safe & loving space…sic.. I have found the ‘I Love you, Me’ sessions ‘deep, moving, supportive, revealing, cleansing, profound and Life changing”

Each session is 1hour to 1hr 30mins

Package Offer: 5 Sessions for GB 599

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