The Light Language Experience – Level 1 for Women

Light Language is a technology that you can use for inner healing, connecting with higher realms and for personal transformation.

This Light Language Initiation workshop will activate your Soul Language or Language of Light in multiple forms over the course of three weeks.

During this time we cover speaking, singing, art, written, body movement & flow, hand signing in light language & more. 

This is a unique, one of a kind online workshop.

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR: Mary Catherine has teamed up with Paula Walsh to create a Sacred Women’s Container for Light Language Initiation level 1 workshop. This workshop is suitable for beginners & those having light language come through but would like more confidence with it in either writing, speaking, singing, signing or body movement. After level 1 completion there is a Level 2 offering workshop that follow through with further development in light language and delivering it to others or using it in your business.

WHAT IS LIGHT LANGUAGE: Light Language is often described as Soul Language or Angelic Language. It is a channeled cosmic language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages- interpreted by the heart, and speaks familiarity to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. It is non linear communication of Love, a channeled form of Vibrational Healing.

For those who are ready – Light Language helps to activate the dormant portions of your DNA- open your third eye, and remind you of your mission- purpose- power- true soul essence, and where you come from.

Learning Light Language isn’t like learning any other language – it’s a journey of remembering, of allowing.

example of light language art & writing


*4 x Live zoom Calls including practice calls (90mins each)

*1 interactive half day weekend workshop (4 hours)

*Special guest experts in the various forms of light language for body movement &  creative expression (written/art); this will include deep womb healing & kundalini activation. Our special guest is Niomi Stella Rose, she is Feminine Embodiment Coach, Kundalini Dance teacher & Light Language Activator.

*Online learning platform with lessons, workbooks, video content: 

Lessons include: -Introduction to Light language-Β What is light language/ Where does it come from? -How to protect yourself when channeling. -Practice lessons in the light language forms (writing, speaking, singing, movement) & womb healing & kundalini activations. -Lessons on basic interpretation of light language. -Lessons on trauma and the nervous system (reset) with light language. -Integration lesson & more.

*Live Question & Answers calls

*Ongoing support in a private facebook group from Paula & Mary Catherine

*This course also includes Clearings, Key Code Activations, Attunements / Decodings, to help you access and become confident in the expression of Light Language releasing you from any blocks or fears.

*There will be opportunities for practice calls and a community even after the course is completed so you can continue to learn and grow and expand with your light language healing. Please note this is an experiential workshop with will require participation in order to access your full potential.


The Course begins on the 14th March with access to the online content.Β The first live call is 16th March.

Facebook group opens the 14th March
Β – please accept friend requests from Light Language Initiation to be added into the group.

When you sign up you will receive access to the SAMCART Learning platform and have immediate access to content to begin your journey.


16th March at 7pm UTC 

 23rd March at 7pm UTC 

26th March at 9.30am UTC 

30th March at 6.30pm UTC 

2nd April at 10am UTC


-16th March 2022 at 7pm GMT / 8pm CET /2pm EDT USA – GROUP LIVE Call 1: Activating your personal light language zoom call (120mins)

-23rd March  GROUP Call 2: Play in the language of light writing (creative expression) live zoom call (90mins)

-26th March: CALL 3: Weekend workshop: Saturday 26th  at 9.30am GMT – 1.30pm GMT (This workshop covers all forms of light language and practice)

-30th March – GROUP Call 4: Intuitive movement light language, hand signing with Guest expert (90mins)

-2nd April at 10am GMT – Practice group call (60-75 mins) 

By the end of the Light Languages Course you will:

  • Activate your own ability to channel Light Languages in multiple forms
  • Become more confident in your expression of light language
  • Learn how to use various Light Languages’ power in your daily life
  • Learn how to receive and transmit light language & discern the source
  • Rewire your energy field & nervous system during potent live energy transmissions
  • Share & grow in community



Workshop full price: E222

Payment plan available:  two payments: E129 x 2 (Last payment by 4th April)

SPECIAL OFFER: Workshop plus 1 session E300 in total: (Session in I Love You, Me Method with Light language) for ONLY E300 (SAVING up to E120)

This incredible offer is for those of you looking to rapidly release blocks or dive deeper into anything holding you back. These ‘I Love You, Me’ sessions are tailored to help you to go deeper into any old programming/belief patterns that are holding you back from reaching your potential. Sessions will contain personal soul activations & attunements using Light Language.  

Session length: 1 hour -1hour 30mins :- A booking calendar will be emailed to you directly. Session bookings valid within a 2 month timeframe.

*Note: Sessions purchased will be divided between both facilitators.*

For more information on the 7 step transformational ‘I Love you, Me’ Method – please see:


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Will I be able to activate my light language in this workshop?

We have activated this ability in hundreds of people so far, but from time to time we may come across a person that struggles with ‘letting go’ and ‘allowing the flow of light language’. Often times it may show in one of the forms we practice or all. 

Sometimes this is due to old background programmes of feeling unworthy or not ‘I’m not creative’ (i.e. for the writing Light language), even re fears of speaking out loud with others, feeling self conscious or fears of ridicule etc. 

The course addresses these ‘blocks’, and with gentle guidance from Mary Catherine & Paula all of our previous clients have had light language expressed in at least one form by workshop end. Practice is all thats needed once the dam has been opened. 

Remember you don’t need to β€œdeserve” or ‘be good enough’ for Light Language. You have it in you already. We all have at least one mother tongue waiting to come out πŸ™‚
And as your own Light Languages unfold, you will personally experience powerful shifts and energetic upgrades from Higher Self /Beings of Light/Source. 


You are an Incredible multi-dimensional BEing!
You have ACCESS to ALL and Everything in the Quantum Field.
You are a CREATOR.

FAQ:Who is this Workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for beginners & those having light language come through but would like more confidence with it in either writing, speaking, singing, signing or body movement. After level 1 completion there is a Level 2 offering workshop that follow through with further development in light language and delivering it to others or using it in your business plus much more.


Light Language is a spiritual tool that uses powerful sound technology that helps you:

  • to raise your vibration
  • to tell you Starseed or earthen origins
  • to cleanse the space around you & Release energetic blockages
  • to connect deeper with your Higher Self /Spiritual Guides 
  • to assist in healing or energy work with your clients
  • Bypass the limitations of the mental mind
  • Activate DNA and the pineal gland
  • Increase intuition
  • Access your innate wisdom
  • Emotional, physical, mental healing
  • Initiate Ascension
Soul Portrait of MaryC using Light Language (by Zahara Celestial)


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Workshop Facilitators Mary Catherine McNena & Paula Walsh

About Mary Catherine McNena:

Mary Catherine has been speaking light language for many years and now has accessed upwards of 100s of dimensional, galactic and earth/elemental/ancient dialects. Many of these language/frequencies are not yet ‘labeled’. Because of her unique ability Mary Catherine can help you activate your soul languages and attune to their understanding as you grow, practice and expand. She guides you in a safe, protected space so that you gain the confidence to express these abilities for the highest good. Many of Mary Catherine’s previous attendees have gone on to complete Light language level 2. A New community ‘Star Tribes of Light’ has been set up with monthly transmissions and practice sessions. As well as being a Light Language Activator, Mary Catherine is also an accredited ‘I love you, me’ coach & Quantum Hypnosis practitioner.

About Paula Walsh:
Paula is a qualified Self-Love and Empowerment Coach who has been speaking Light Language for 2 years after being activated on Mary Catherine’s first Light Language course.

Paula has the ability to tap into the purest energy and channel through phenomenal light codes and frequencies that activate deep clearing and healing in every layer of the body.

Her gentle energy and ability to hold safe and sacred space is an alchemy for transmutation and transformation.


Linda, Ireland:Β Light Language Level 1 & 2
Mary Catherine is a powerful and authentic space holder and shares so much knowledge and wisdom. The space was sacred but it always felt playful, joyful, and expansive. During Level 2, Paula also supported us and held space with a calm and loving presence.
During both levels, we explored and played with light language. Both levels surpassed all expectations I had – I cannot emphasize how much work Mary puts into it. I learned so much about myself and I also learned tools for vagal toning that have become part of daily life now. I am much more comfortable with being seen and heard. I developed gifts that I didn’t think I had. One of the biggest leaps was that I felt comfortable enough to allow LL to come through as song or toning. Before this, I had never sung in front of anyone.
By far the BEST thing about the course has been meeting and developing friendships with some of the most amazing and incredible women. I am so grateful for all that I have received as a result of doing both levels.
Mary Catherine & Paula – thank you so much from all of my being.

Testimonial fromΒ Yve:Β ”I attendedΒ Mary Catherine‘s Light Language Experience course in January 2021 – It has been a profound experience of healing on so many level & is packed full of content!Activating Light Language, I have come to realise, is not just about freeing the vocals to let this through – it’s a multi-dimensional series of shifts & realignments which travel through many timelines which I’m still integrating!

Testimonial from Brandi: ”Thank you so much beautiful souls and Mary Catherine McNena Pathak! I’m soooo grateful for the space today! I’m still in awe of how expansive and light I feel. A shield I have been carrying for so long has been lifted and so much has opened! My heart is open. I’ve lived my life shut off and shut down from feelings and emotions and it’s bringing me pure joy and elation to be feeling & speaking light language!” Jan 2021

Testimonial from Kristy: ”I loved our light language workshop, your kind, thorough, intuitive guidance and the feeling of sisterhood with each participant. Your content was deep with life changing growth. I loved that you included me through all space and time even when I wasn’t on the live. I feel the love and inspiration every time you show up.Thank you for serving in such a safe way!” Aug 2020

Testimonial from Mairead: ”What a Phenomenal course from a phenomenal woman!I am deeply blessed that our paths crossed Mary Catherine . My light Language is channeling through loud and clear . My heart has burst wide open and I feel a connection like never before ! .I am finally at a place in my life where I am ready to stand into my power Fearlessly.                                                    Mary Catherine’s energy is otherworldly, She has the ability to facilitate healing from within you and bring out your inner goddess to claim her place in this world.I booked the Quantum Energy with Mary Catherine and was so impressed that I also joined the Light Language Course. I am deeply honoured to be encircled with incredible women on a fantastic journey of self discovery, with Mary Catherine as our Mentor’‘ Mairead joined both the August & Jan/Feb groups.

Testimonial from Angela: I felt that Mary Catherine delivered even more than I could have ever imagined. I was unable to watch any sessions live, nevertheless I still felt connected when I watched the replay and most definitely felt an activation of sorts. I highly recommend this course and Mary Catherine. Love and light to all.”

Testimonial from Eileen:  ”Thank you Mary Catherine I very much enjoyed the course and thought the final healing in circle was amazing, the way every woman came through with powerful gifts and healing brought forward from ancient times…I wasn’t able to make some of the sessions so taking my time now catching up on them…your time commitment and ease of facilitation makes it an easy yet powerful experience…I would recommend to anyone who is drawn to it, I am going back now savouring it all, its like a movie, you see and hear different aspects second time round…for me personally, it was like a remembering of ancient lives in a sacred space, a bringing forward to today of forgotten ways of being..thank you and to everyone who created this lovely space”

Testimonial from Suzanne: ”I found the course to be very powerful and life changing. Having a safe grounded space to tap into my usually latent creativity and channeling abilities both fun and inspiring. Thank you Mary Catherine for your strength and wisdom”

Testimonial from Andrea: ”I was blown away with what was brought forward with the group. The connection, the space, the openness and love was so welcoming. You just light up my heart in so many ways and I’m so grateful we have connected. It meant so much to me to have a space to share and move through some of the things I haven’t been able to before. Thank you for seeing me. I see all of you too”

Testimonial from Sheila: This was a wonderful class. Thank You. I’m grateful for all the information you provided about LL as well as the clearing/healing about the Nervous System. I loved all the modalities that you showed in the class. I had no idea!!! A Big surprise for me was the movement! I have been drawn to interpretative dance the last while, and now I can see what/how that fits into my ascension path! I have also started to practice singing LL to some hymns I play on my keyboard (old hymns from a prior life!) Fascinating!!!! The sharing within the group is priceless – learn soooo much from them, as well. I think you have a very well-balanced approach within your offering

Testimonial from Christine: Thank you so much for your work shop I attended in March 2021, I have never done light language before or any courses with you. I thought the whole course layout was Fantastic, The notes to print out you gave us with graphs and that was good and helpful , Meditations , Clearings and Transmissions were very good as we all need to Relax ,release and heal to move forward , your interaction with us was brilliant !! I always felt safe and free to ask a question and you always made sure we felt comfortable and were having fun and learning at the same time, you have great knowledge about everything and shared it with us, Fantastic teaching skills , bubbly personality and genuinely cares for all your students.. I enjoyed the drawing practical’s , surprised myself what i can do when i was relaxed and in the zone , loved seeing the amazing Creations ,colours and designs everyone else had made too, I also enjoyed the verbal sessions for opening our throat chakra and making noises , It was a good laugh and everyone Interacted with each other so well, Lovely group of people. I did feel doing the LL course really helped my confidence a lot , removed some blockages about been seen and I feel more Happier and positive. I have highly Recommended you to my friends who are interested in LL and to follow your page. I will be keeping an eye out for more courses on your page. Fantastic teacher , Great knowledge and makes the learning experience fun and simple, Beautiful , Bubbly and caring you Mary Catherine and Thank you, xx

Testimonial from Victoria: Mary is genuine, fun, funny and has such a good hearted presence that it created a safe space for all of us to be open and vulnerable which deepened the experience! She teaches with patience and encouragement and shared her knowledge without hesitation. If anyone is on the fence on whether to take this course I would say to them, β€œDon’t hesitate, you will undoubtedly learn, enjoy, speak and find yourself wanting more!”

Testimonial from Judith: I attended Mary’s March Light Language workshop, working through this experience, has opened me up, given me clarity, and the confidence to share my language with others. Last night I attended my spiritual centre, were they have been holding space for many that are struggling with there mental health through the restrictions, last night the topic was sound healing, I am a volunteer there and , and some of the people that attended are aware of my connection with spirit through my paintings and light language, although most don’t really understand it . During the session I was asked to give a light language transmission to the group. I felt a difference in my energy as I would normally shy away from Putting myself forward, I did it with grace and ease, instead of feeling the what Ifs, they think I’m weird, etc.,and what I found afterwards, of many that had never heard of light language came up to me afterwards, keen to hear more about the topic, and what they had experienced during the transmission. . Also I feel that I have strengthened my connection and understanding of light and who I am bringing through because of this course. Blessings

Testimonial from Brenda: I attended the March 2021 workshop. I will continue to recommend and have already recommended this course to many that I know will be doing it and all and any who wish to not only become more vividly aware of their own light but to those who wish to allow the flow of their own light language through. Mary is not only very supportive through this whole process but guides you through at your ease through both direction from Mary and her powerful channellings with the language transmissions while easing you gently out of that comfort zone. Giving you all the support and encouragement you may need to gain the confidence to not only express your light but shine your light too. I know I have gained so much from this course and so will you.Don’t scroll past this amazing opportunity. Grab it with an open heart and mind.

Testimonial from Laurel: Light language as writing and some speaking has been with me for almost a year now. In your class I gained a lot more confidence and started to feel more comfortable. I’m just beginning to use my hands and my song voice and that’s very exciting. I’m definitely going to go back and listen to your clearings, meditations and the classes as I feel they will give me a lot more as I have more time to absorb your knowledge and wisdom. I already have told several friends about this workshop.

Mary Catherine imparts joy and celebration of light language in her classes. Just listening to her delight in speaking LL opens your soul to the channels of star and ancient wisdom available as we open our hearts and minds to this powerful writing, speech, movement and song. Mary’s honest transparency and open hearted approach to teaching draws you in and makes learning fun and playful. Her ability to aid in clearing blocks, in upping our confidence and freeing our doubts leads to a inspirational, high frequency experience. I will definitely take the class again because I believe the learning can only continue and the creativity only increase. Plus more fun and play can only be good things.πŸ’žπŸ’ž