Lionsgate Light Language Festival

All day FREE Event on 7th August 2022

Lionsgate Summer Festival!

Register Here!

Event is free however Donations are accepted

Date: Sunday 7th August 2022 12pm-7:30pm BST 1pm-8:30pm CET
Recordings of the workshops post event will be available on our STAR TRIBES OF LIGHT Website after the event. £7.00 per workshop,

ALL Workshops PLUS all available handouts & gifts from our hosts for a one time payment of £22.00.



It’s finally here! The Festival of the YEAR!

Lionsgate Light Language Festival brought to you by a myriad of incredible souls sharing their codes, light, love and wisdom.

We will be hosting a day event starting at 12pm GMT+1 (UK IRISH TIME) and lasting until 7.30pm GMT+1.

There will be multiple concurrent workshops running throughout the day that you can register for to attend LIVE. The LIVE event is Free (or donation based as aligned).

We will also have a Lionsgate transmission for the 08.08  Portal as the last workshop of the festival that will bring through powerful LYRAN Transmissions, sound technology and codes.

Register below and in a few days you will be sent the timetable of workshops and events for the Festival. We are still adding to it.

It is sure to be a day of remembrance, connection, opening, healing and magic.

We cannot wait to see you all there!


The Event will be starting with an Opening Ceremony

at 12pm GMT+1 / 1pm CET / 7am EDT and finishing at 7.30pm GMT+1 / 8.30pm CEST / 2.30pm EDT USA.

Every hour there are different workshops – some examples are below

Beginners light Language Workshop

Light Language & the Divine Feminine

Violet Flame & Energetic Clearing

Interpretation of Light Language

Galactic Beings & Light Language

Light Language & Emotional Well Being with your Inner Child

Sacred Art & Creative Expression with Light Codes

The Earth Grids & Light Language by Location

The Elemental Kingdoms & Light Language Journeying

Light Language with the Dragons

Light Language of the Trees & Tree Spirits

Integrating Higher levels of consciousness into the 3D Realm

Introduction into Trance Channeling

Beyond the Veil Art with Jean Bowen

Lionsgate Transmission 

& MORE to come

This is a free LIVE event but all or any donations are welcome where aligned – all donations go to the Star Tribes of Light (the group bringing you this event to pay for the upkeep of the website, marketing and zoom etc to host these events and transmissions).

Recordings will be available to purchase after the Event.  Each workshop is 7GBP or the whole festival recordings are 22 GBP. Remember that registering now is to attend the LIVE event.