Soul Reading & Card Read with Quantum Healing Activation & Attunement

This soul reading & quantum healing offer is one of a kind.

Please forward Mary Catherine your intention after purchase and allow up to 10 – 14 days for the recording to be sent to you.
Send intention to

This offer consists of:
-Quantum Energy Healing
-Soul & Oracle card Reading & soul blueprint
-Light Language transmission

Mary Catherine will Access the Akash records & Halls of Amenti to clear what is not serving you in any past life on earth or anywhere in any time, space, dimension or reality.

In addition, Mary will access any further guidance  from your I AM or guides / Source / Christ Consciousness.

She will open a vortex of healing and clearance for you and your soul blueprints as she calls through powerful upgrades within the transmission to assist you on your path moving forward.

This transmission will be recorded with digital art and anything else guided to be added by your sprit guides.

It will be emailed to you within 10-14 days of purchase to listen / watch within the comfort of your own home.

Previous clients that have purchased this have had soul recognition, soul truths revealed unto them and guidance and a deeper connection post reading.

Some clients have messaged Mary Catherine to let her know that their emotional, mental and even physical pain has been released / healed. (Remember all healing is self healing).
Sometimes, being seen and heard at the soul level makes all the difference.

You will be bathed in love energies.

The Energy exchange for these readings is 111.

These are on average 60mins-100mins reads.

Pre-recorded readings and emailed to you with visual art work encoded with light language.

FROM Michelle, Australia:
”Mary I am so grateful I was guided to you while I’ve been going through some trials. I want to thank you for my reading. Thank you for bringing Babji through- the soul memories are reactivated. There has been lots of tears. All of what you picked up was very accurate.
I’m looking forward to re-listening and thank you for everything.
It was such a beautiful surprise gift to awaken to today and I’m blown away by how much you presented in such a beautiful format. (A visual recording was sent to Michelle with art work channeled through by her guides from Mary Catherine)

Thank you for all you create and all that you are, in reminding souls all that they are on this path. This is Truly a special reading. Thank you for seeing me and hearing me and sharing this blessed gift with me. This has been such a sacred gift.”

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When Do I get my Reading?

Due to high demand for Readings Please allow up to 10-14 days to receive your order.

What Do you need to Do?

Please email a ONE question  or Intention you have re your card reading to

How do I get my reading?

Your reading will be emailed to you with a recording link.

Testimonial from Tayna, USA.

Hi Mary Catherine! I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading. Everything you said was spot on! I have had trouble breathing all of my life, I constantly find myself holding my breath.. The release of the energy that I had a contract with was such a liberating experience. I got emotional right away and could not stop crying! Everything is so much clearer now. I know I have a lot of work to do but I feel like I can now keep taking steps to move forward. You are a beautiful person with wonderful gifts, I’m so glad my sister Tara introduced me to you! Thank you again


”I wanted to thank you for the reading. It came at a wonderful time while I was resting & feeling poorly, So it really lifted my spirits.
I’ve taken some time out today to listen to it again.
And it’s really has blown me away.
So much resonated with what’s going on right now.
The chills I was getting throughout the reading. Wow!!!
And also the information coming through on areas I can work on and energies I can connect with, the dolphins, the elven, trees and nature.
This is useful to know as I spend a huge amount of time connecting with angels that I tend to ignore what’s in my own back garden.
I love your energy.
You have a wonderful way about you.
It’s impossible not to like you. Your readings really do shine a light on your joyful, friendly and caring nature.
I want to thank you so much and I would love to connect with you again soon and see what else might come up for me.
Take care and lots of love”.

Testimonial From Paula, UK

Hi Mary Catherine,
Well….wow, just wow! Thank-you so much for spending so much time on this. It was so spot on with everything you said and the struggles and blocks I’ve had. (Sic)
When you first started talking, I went really hot and started to feel emotional too.
Interestingly, I did a Mary Magdalene activation mediation a few weeks back. (Mary Magdelene came through to Mary Catherine in the reading for Paula.)

It was very powerful and I’ve done it a couple more times too. I did it last week and I saw an image of a large white egg, but with moving black roots coming out the bottom. It felt uncomfortable the energy of it, but with everything you’ve said, I wonder if those black roots were representing the contract (SIC-this is part of the private reading by Mary), preventing the birthing of the egg? Interesting about the birthing dragon cards! 
I also watched the 2018 Mary Magdalene film last week too and when she said ‘I see you’, I really broke down. I had a lot of deep clearing going on last week!
I’m so fascinated by everything you’ve said and I would love to have some sessions with you, as I am at a point in my life where I am exhausted by how it’s been and I want to master this now. I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin my whole life.  
I definitely felt drawn to you too after I saw some of your videos. 
Thank-you so much! 
Lots of love,Paula
P.s I feel really tired now and in need of sleep! What an amazing reading! Xxx

(Note: since this reading with Mary Catherine; Paula has become a certified coach and has worked closely with Mary Catherine, activating her light language and this year even offering a light language course & sacred circle with Mary to groups of souls)

Testimonial from Michelle, Ireland

Mary Catherine, Brilliant, thank you for that and wow yes yes yes to every second of that reading. Every word and breath – it’s amazing. (Sic) I feel that huge clearing you did in the reading last night really helped. Sic I doubted myself so to have guidance was just out of this world and for someone to understand me, For who I truly am thank you.

Archangel Michael has been with me every step of the way so it’s was so good for that to be recognised and the Merlin energy was real shock so how wonderful for me to start exploring and working with that. And the dragon she has been nudging me for few weeks now had never felt dragon energy before but felt like with the shadow work and stuff coming up for my daughter especially lately a lot of transmutations and clearing was being done i my environment and i needed more than the angels so I had been been reminded to call in dragons . It’s as if that beautiful celestial dragon you introduced me to landed on my roof on Saturday evening I got a huge sense of her In Middle of night so wow thank you🦋
I feel like maybe another reading may be beneficial in future as I loved the fact it was reading and clearing and connected to it in a way that was just the support I need right now and to help me move forward.
Mary Catherine I can never thank you enough for what you have just released me from and also just understanding and the support. I am so strong and find it difficult to ask for help and realising the lone wolf act hasn’t try let served me I have just need more healthy resonating connections with like minds.
Much Love Michelle, Ireland

”Good Morning Mary, Wow!!!  Thank you so much for my reading, advice, guidance and healing!
 I had actually bought the Anna book a few weeks ago and it’s been in my ‘to read’ list! I’ve now started reading it so definitely the push I needed. (This book was referenced in the reading by Sarah’s guides to Mary)
I’m reading up on the Essenes too. I do feel a big presence over my right shoulder and often see sparkling energies around me from that side of my body! I call it my Harry Potter invisibility cloak as I feel as though I’m looking through a veil when the energy is around and it tickles my face and nose I can take all that you told me during the reading and will definitely continue with the meditations you sent, thank you.
I know I have an Arcturian self and connections to other beings but I now need to explore the Essene side – I’ve been really really drawn to learning g more of the Christ Consciousness connection to recently! I’m going to listen to the reading again as I really didn’t take everything in on first listening, I need to absorb it all thank you so very much, I feel extremely blessed to be connected with you.Much love to you ”

Testimonial from Hany, UK
“The soul reading from Mary was epic! I felt held and seen. Received loads of information about my past, present and future. Things were making so much sense, on some level I knew some of them too so felt validated when Mary was talking about them. She didn’t know me before the reading yet read me so well! I released lots of emotions, mainly the ones regarding my family and felt reconnected with them, in peace. I felt floating in love when we finished the session, feeling more powerful and safe. Mary is amazing, her gentleness, hugs, support and love; and I feel honoured to be seen and read by her.” 

Testimonial from Linda, USA.