Premium BeSpoke 1:1 Coaching

Premium Package – Tailor Made Coaching & Energy Healing for the Soul

BeSpoke Coaching 1:1

This is coaching that is ‘tailor made’ for exactly where you are right now in life and on your journey. BeSpoke coaching will be guided via intuition, soul reading & energy as well as Experiential Healing & coaching Techniques.

It will additionally include working with your guides and spiritual team to gain clarity and insight into areas of your life to raise vibration, to enter alignment.

Gain Clarity & Guidance

This coaching is for any area of your life where you feel ‘stuck’, require healing physically or emotionally, & energetically.
Using this BeSpoke integrated approach these sessions will help you to go deeper into any old programming/belief patterns that are holding you back from reaching your potential.

Sessions may contain soul Activations & Attunements using Light Language & Soul Reading.

Mary Catherine will access the Akash records & Halls of Amenti to bring through any messages or information from your spirit guides or higher self to assist in the session. Often, this might entail deep forgiveness work, healing, past life, present life, future or parallel timeline healing and undoing of contracts or binds ancestrally or karmically.

Additionally, below are examples of what some of Mary Catherine’s clients have experienced:
👉Deeper clarity & understanding of soul purpose 👉DNA activation,Light coding, Light Language transmissions (upgrade soul blueprint)
👉Personal Light Language Activations
👉Transmute Self-Sabotage patterns & awareness of limiting beliefs to make lasting changes
👉Pain relief & Physical Healing
👉Ancestral clearing and healing,
👉 Past life memories and Karmic healings
👉Activations of gifts and abilities
👉Release Relationship Struggles 
Each Session may take from 1hour 30mins up to 2 hours 30min

👉One Session Offer: 1 session: 222E / 185 GB Pounds

5 session package: E889 / 740 GB Pounds (message me to book – Email:


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After purchase within 24hours you will receive a email with calendar booking and questionnaire with invite to access the private support group.


There is a Private Members only group for BeSpoke Clients (package deal) for added support, coaching, integrations, Q&A and transmissions to assist you on your Journey. This is included in the price.

Time of session: Please allow from 1hr 30m to 2.30hrs

Pre – session: You will be forwarded a questionnaire & Calendly Link to book your day / time of session.  Please set an intention for your session. Have a glass of water, blanket, pillow, & allow for privacy for your session. Your session will be recorded for your convenience & a copy sent to you should you want it, otherwise it will be deleted within 3 days.

Access to me for guidance between the hours of 9am-7pm GMT via text or FB message.

No refunds once purchased and started sessions.

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Testimonial of BeSpoke Coaching

Bradley: Musician, Coach, International Speaker

Bradley, UK

‘I had a session with Mary today. Wow! It really was an other worldly experience. I felt so completely seen and held by her throughout the process that she took me through. She bathed me in this incredible healing energy and as she tuned into me, she was able to give me everything I felt I needed without me needing to say a word. Everything she said to me resonated really deeply and I had the experience of being released from lower vibrational energies and blockages sat in my body. I left the session feeling incredibly rooted to the ground and at the same time light as air and vibrating at an incredible frequency. I’m so excited to be working with Mary and cannot wait for our next session. She is amazing! My chronic gut issues have been healed!


Jean Bowen, Lomi Body worker, Shaman, Ireland:

‘I felt this container was exactly was I needed to help move through the issues that have been coming up for me as I was struggling for clarity on certain issues…the soul retrieval and releasing of binds is something I can do but I couldn’t quiet access the information needed…your (Mary Catherine’s) amazing gifts of tracking and clairvoyance were was was required for me…and of course our own past life connection also shed light on loads…I’m feeling calm now and lighter and sowing the seeds of abundance and freedom and just surrendering to creativity and passion as I feel I am at the end if a cycle.”

Marta Langeries, Pharmacist & Coach, Demark

‘This was perfect timing for me. I was dealing with breathing issues and some other issues. During the first session the breathing problems disappeared. I loved your (Mary Catherine’s) method and I love your energy. I feel totally safe, you are so capable of dealing with whatever arises. You take the time that is needed. You don’t rush when the session stretches a bit. You truly made sure you left me in a good place without things lingering. I got more clarity on things and stepped even more into my power. I also loved the length of it. I can recommend this to anyone who is facing issues they don’t seem to be able to shift themselves.
I love you lots ♥️”

Mirela Gonciulea, UK, Healer,

‘Mary Catherine’s One month Transformational Intensive was a great opportunity to release and change deep heavy energy that was blocking me. Mary Catherine is an amazing gifted healer and guide that created a safe space where I could open up and visualise my blocks and fears. It was a profound transformational experience that allows me to understand and release an old wound, forgive myself and be able to move forward with confidence. A huge thank you for spreading your light and helping us to regain our sovereignty.🙏♥️’