Michelle, Soul & Oracle Card Reading with Quantum Energy Healing 2022

Sarah, Ireland 2022

”I wanted to thank you for the reading. It came at a wonderful time while I was resting & feeling poorly. So it really lifted my spirits.
I’ve taken some time out today to listen to it again.
And it’s really has blown me away.
So much resonated with what’s going on right now.
The chills I was getting throughout the reading. Wow!!!
And also the information coming through on areas I can work on and energies I can connect with, the dolphins, the elven, trees and nature.
This is useful to know as I spend a huge amount of time connecting with angels that I tend to ignore what’s in my own back garden.
I love your energy.
You have a wonderful way about you.
It’s impossible not to like you. Your readings really do shine a light on your joyful, friendly and caring nature.
I want to thank you so much and I would love to connect with you again soon and see what else might come up for me.
Take care and lots of love”.

Nicola, Ireland : Soul & Oracle Card Reading & Quantum Energy Healing

Linda, USA, Card /Soul Readings

Cindy, USA, Card/Soul Reading 2020

Cindy, USA – Card Reading/Soul Reading

Testimonial: Marta, Coach: Transformational Intensive Group coaching

”This Transformational intensive came in perfect timing for me. I was dealing with breathing issues and some other issues. During the first session the breathing problems disappeared! I loved Mary Catherine’s method and I love her energy. I feel totally safe, She is so capable of dealing with whatever arises. She takes the time that is needed. She don’t rush when the session stretches a bit. She truly made sure she left me in a good place without things lingering.

I got more clarity on things and stepped even more into my power. I also loved the length of it. 4weeks was perfect. I can recommend this to anyone who is facing issues they don’t seem to be able to shift themselves.
I love you lots ♥️ Marta. ”

Marta Langereis, Coach, Netherlands: One Month Transformational Intensive / Quantum Expansion Group Coaching

‘I have had a beyond quantum healing session with Mary Catherine and also was in her one month Transformational intensive (Quantum Expansion) programmes and have attended other workshops that she has offered.

She is an amazing facilitator and gifted Clair conduit. I haven’t met anyone to date so gifted and grounded in all Clairs & senses. She is a gifted tracker and helped me travel through my own energetic hologram to find the sources and shed light on lots of issues that had been coming up for me but couldn’t quite access or gain clarity on. She is a gifted transmuter of energy and can gather all the necessary threads and info to clear from your field. No stone left unturned….a bit like clearing viruses from your computer software and rebooting…she channels amazingly highly frequency energy to fill up the spaces of what has been cleared allowing for recalibration.

She is connected to many guides ascended masters and beautiful earth energies which flow through her at will. She holds all this with humility and grace and a deep commitment of service to humanity..with gratitude and love ..Jean Bowen’

Jean Bowen, Ireland, Shaman, IET, Lomi Therapy, Forensic Healing

Mary Catherine guided me through an extraordinary Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session. She gently and lovingly guided me to where my soul needed to go the most to help me on my path of healing and growth. BQH allowed me to go on an amazing journey where I experienced past lives, a visit to my home planet and healing along generational lines, amongst other things. I found clarity and answers to my questions that have helped me to fully understand my life purpose and that allows me to shine my light even brighter now! I highly recommend Mary Catherine, and her BQH sessions! She is a true gift to humanity and these sessions are transformative! 

Tamara, BQH

Received Coaching & Rising Star Healing

TedX Speaker, Musician & Coach

‘I had a session with Mary today. Wow! It really was an other worldly experience. I felt so completely seen and held by her throughout the process that she took me through. She bathed me in this incredible healing energy and as she tuned into me, she was able to give me everything I felt I needed without me needing to say a word. Everything she said to me resonated really deeply and I had the experience of being released from lower vibrational energies and blockages sat in my body. I left the session feeling incredibly rooted to the ground and at the same time light as air and vibrating at an incredible frequency. I’m so excited to be working with Mary and cannot wait for our next session. She is amazing!

Bradley, UK

Emma, Ireland, Received ‘I Love You, Me’ Self Love Coaching; Soul Reading & BQH

Emma, Psychotherapist, Founder of Eating Freely, Coach

Mary Catherine is a wonderful Intuitive and Energy coach. Mary brings clarity and compassion to any difficulty, gently guiding the session and supporting you to find the answers already deep within you. Whenever I am struggling, Mary is my go-to for getting to the bottom of what is keeping me stuck. Thank you Mary🙏

Emma Murphy